A fence can be a lovely addition to your property, but sometimes a natural decoration is just a better solution. There is nothing quite like the look of a property that is fully designed around an all-natural premise. The aesthetic provided by this invites an almost fairytale-esque setting. Foliage doesn’t only offer decorative features to your property, it can also add increased levels of privacy. If you have a nosey neighbor or open yard with no coverage from passers-by, it may be time to have some decorative shrubberies planted! Let’s go over the best possible plant-based privacy solutions!

Bamboo fence copy space scene
  • Bamboo – This unique, and rapidly growing, plant which can create a very thick barrier during the summer months. Bamboo is a great choice for creating a natural privacy wall while also giving your property a bit of a boost in aesthetics. Not everyone goes for bamboo because it dies in the winter, but a fully grown bamboo wall is a magical sight to behold that will literally set your property apart from your neighbors all summer long!
  • Grape Vine – The option with the most return. Installing a small section of fencing to adorn with grape vines is not only a great decorative decision but can be a great excuse to tell that nosey neighbor why you just had to put a fence up between your properties. With your new “vineyard” installed not only do you have more privacy, but you also will be able to enjoy fresh grapes from off the vine!
  • Arborvitae – The most private choice. This green giant offers the most shade and can grow in just about any soil type; which makes this evergreen the perfect blockade. A completely private wall can be made, easily, when several are planted together and spaced out properly. Its thick, green shoots provide for the most coverage and come in many different size varieties. Once a row of arborvitaes are planted, your yard will practically have an impenetrable wall of privacy!
  • Juniper – Some varieties of upright junipers grow faster than others, but all upright junipers make great windscreens and blockades when placed correctly. Some of the faster-growing species can reach heights of 15 feet and make great natural barriers when many are planted in a row. Junipers are very popular amongst homeowners so they can add to your property’s value when thinking about the housing market. Not only do these trees offer much-needed privacy, but wildlife feeds on its berries and find coverage in its branches during the winter months.

The options covered in this blog are attractive and useful plants which will only make your outdoor living space absolutely beautiful, as well as give you some well-deserved privacy. There is nothing wrong with seeking solitude on your own property, however, instead of installing a cold, unnatural fence, choose the all-natural way and do what is best for your property and the environment. Plant more trees! Please feel free to come back to this blog in the future for updates on landscaping maintenance and trends!