Why Remove A Tree Stump?

Stumps aren’t pretty. Even the word, “stump” doesn’t have the best sound or connotation surrounding it. A stump is just that, a cut-off, “stumpy”, unattractive, waste of yard space. Not to mention, it’s a nest for various pests, and is better suited for an obstacle course than your lawn. Here are some reasons why you may want to have a stump removed!

Tree Trunk Stump
  • If You Mow Your Own Lawn – Definitely get rid of any and all stumps, as well as dead roots protruding from your lawn if you plan to mow yourself. Serious injury may occur when a lawnmower blade, unknowingly, hits an exposed stump or root leftover from a removed tree.
  • Mulch From Stumps – Sometimes a leftover stump is no issue at all. Many people decide to have certain trees in their yards removed and replaced, often to keep their properties more interesting and trendy. When one tree is removed it’s a good idea to take any leftover debris such as the stump and grind it all up into mulch to use for your yard in any capacity you deem necessary. 
  • Replant – If a tree has to be removed due to blight or other damage, have the entire stump dug up and removed. This will allow you to plant another tree of your liking in the same place, without missing a beat!
  • Attracts Insects – If there has been a stump hanging out on your property for many years, and never thought of the importance of its removal, now is the time to call a professional to have the stump taken out! Old rotting stumps will decay, attracting vermin and insects along with fungus and foul odor. 

Dealing with a stump on your own can be a nearly impossible task, so most ugly stumps are left alone, ignored, and destined to rot slowly away. Remember, it takes a very long time for a stump to deteriorate naturally, so instead of risking injury or living with an eyesore, call a professional and have those useless stumps taken out!